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We Specialize In Training Service Dogs!!A Service Dog can be invaluable to someone with disabilities. Service dogs help give those with disabilities independence in their daily lives.There are many types of service, guide, and assistance dogs, including (but not limited to) seizure dogs, mobility dogs, guide dogs, hearing dogs, psychiatric dogs, autism dogs, and more!

Everyday these dogs work to empower their handlers to live more independent lives! Here at Leonard's PetStop, our mission is Training Dogs To Help Their Handlers One Day At A Time. We work with both dog and handler, as a team, throughout the entire process, to help strengthen the Human Animal Bond!

Unfortunately, this does not come without a cost. It is very expensive to train, and raise these amazing service dogs. This makes them very difficult for people to afford. Here at LPS, we pride ourselves on keeping costs as low as possible, as well as offering charity contracts, merchandise fundraisers, and crowdfunding fundraisers! Crowdfunding for a service dog is a great way to show your support for someone who has a life changing disability and needs help from their K9 partner to help them through their day to day life.

How It All Began:

Leonard's PetStop was founded in August of 2014.

Nickie Leonard is a Certified Veterinary Technician and Penn Foster Dog Obedience Training Instructor graduate. She is disabled, having several disabilities.

In June 2014 her Doctor suggested the possibility of a service dog. She was skeptical of the idea at first, but gave it a try, and adopted a dog named Ebony from a shelter. Ebony was basic obedience trained at that time. She trained Ebony the necessary tasks and over time realized the benefits of service dogs in a disabled persons life.

Nickie spent the next 2 years changing her new business from  just a pet and obedience training business to a service dog oriented business. The goal was to assist disabled handlers in need that may not be able to afford an already fully trained service dog from a big name program.

As of the summer of 2015 Leonard's PetStop (LPS)  obtained and started 3 service dogs for their disabled handlers. By the fall of 2016, LPS began offering full contracts and began work on restructuring the Trainer Assisted Program.

As of Spring 2017, the **NEW** Trainer Assisted Service Dog Program with Leonard's PetStop is better than ever. It includes, contracts, and both online and hands on options for eligible clients, depending on their need.

The main vision of LPS is to Train dogs to help their handlers one day at a time and to strengthen the human animal bond for every team.

We pride ourselves on small business values and affordable costs for all individuals.



Get Involved

As a business dedicated to keeping cost low and quality high we rely heavily on donations both monetary and physical, especially volunteer work. Donate Today! Alone we are nothing but together we are everything! Your donation can sponsor a shelter dogs obedience training or help a disabled individual on a budget obtain the necessary training and equipment.. As a small business we cannot do it without your help! Your help makes our programs possible!