The Application Process

Service Dog Programs:

We offer a unique opportunity to disabled individuals in need of a service dog. This is a Trainer Assisted Program. We help handlers that have thought about owner training, have some knowledge of dogs, or have owned dogs, and who are willing and able to participate in the training process.

We work together with the client and dog throughout the program, through hands on sessions. The dog stays in the possession and care of the client throughout the entire process. This helps to further strengthen the bond between handler and dog, which is essential when it comes to a service dog.

Dogs are task trained to mitigate the specific disabilities of the disabled handler. Training takes anywhere from one to two years. Once the dog has learned and proofed the necessary tasks needed to assist the disabled handler, and is proficient in the highest level of working obedience, they will be graduated from the program as Full Service Dogs.

There is an application process potential clients must go through. Potential clients must provide a prescription or letter of recommendation from a doctor or therapist, as well, and they must read and sign our service dog contract, if accepted into the program.

We specialize in psychiatric, autism, and mobility service dogs, but we do work with some medical response and alert dogs, as well, on a case by case basis. (When filling out the application, please explain in detail if you have a need that we do not specialize in).

Initial Consultation, evaluation, and temperament testing (if client has already obtained a dog they want to possibly use) are included at no additional cost, if enrolled in the program.

If client does not already have a dog, or the dog they want to use does not pass the evaluation and temperament testing, we will help the client find and obtain a prospect. There is an additional fee for this service, which will vary based on how many dogs, breeders, shelters, etc we have to work with to find the right dog for the client, that is suitable for the client's disabilities, as well as being able to pass evaluations and temperament testing. The dog will also need to be medically sound. Any fees associated with purchase of the dog will be the responsibility of the client, as well as any veterinary exams, x-rays etc that may need to be performed, and all fees associated with the above will need to be paid in full beforehand. There is also a mileage fee of 50 cents per mile, for any travel over ten miles, during the process of finding and obtaining a prospect for the client. If a dog must be shipped to the client, the client is responsible for any and all fees associated with that, before it is done, as well.

Online Coaching Option:

This is a unique program designed for disabled individuals looking to owner train their service dog prospect, but may need the additional assistance of a trainer, at times.

We help handlers that have thought about owner training, have some knowledge of dogs, and who are willing and able to participate in the training process.

This is a coaching/mentoring program where the client will receive weekly support. Support and feedback will be provided once weekly by phone or online. Any question or concerns will be addressed at this time, as well.

There will be homework assigned when applicable, and training progress videos will need to be submitted once weekly, as well. The application process is the same for this program as our traditional trainer assisted service dog program.

The dog must still be evaluated via video submission, to make sure the dog is suitable for service work.

Potential clients MUST specify in the application that they wish to be considered for the online coaching program option.

Qualifications For Programs are as Follows:

● Must be 10 years of age or older (Those under 18 must have a third party adult/parent handler)
● Must Have a qualifying disability (List disabilities and how they impact daily life on application and provide letter of recommendation and/or prescription, for a service dog, from Doctor)
● Must be physically and cognitively capable of participating in the training process for at least one hour per day
● Must be able to independently command and handle a Service Dog
● Must be able to meet the emotional, physical and financial needs that come with dog ownership
● Must be in a stable home environment
● Must be willing to actively improve their quality of life and pursue independence through the use of a Service Dog

Application Fees:

$25​ ​ non-refundable​ ​application​ ​fee​ ​for​ ​applications​ ​available​ ​by email.
$35 ​non-refundable​ ​application​ ​fee​ ​for​ ​applications​ ​sent​ ​to​ ​via​ ​physical mail.

After the application fee has been paid, the application will be provided in your format of choice, please include your email/physical address in the notes section of PayPal, before payment!


Behavior Modification:

We offer Basic to advanced, mostly LIMA based (Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive), obedience training for pets and working dog prospects.

We offer hands on training through private lessons, as well as online coaching. We also offer mobile training at your home (within a reasonable distance). There is a $0.50 per mile fee for this option, in addition to training fees, however. You can pay for training by the session, or you can pay for training packages and save.

Packages are as follows:

Basic Obedience:

  • 6 weeks of once weekly sessions, and a run through of the A.K.C S.T.A.R Puppy, on week 6, for puppies up to 6 months.


Intermediate Obedience:

  • 6 weeks of once weekly sessions, building on known commands, and adding more advanced commands.


Advanced Obedience:

  • 6 weeks of once weekly sessions, building on known commands, and adding more advanced commands in preparation for the A.K.C Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. A practice CGC is also performed on week 6.


The Trifecta Package:

  • 18 weeks of once weekly sessions. All 3 levels of obedience, and a practice CGC test, included.


Half of payment is due when booking a package or session and the other half is due at the time of the first session.

Fill out an application to get started. Application fee is just $15 and is sent via email/physical mail (Application fee is deducted from payment due for services, once appointment is booked. Application fees are transferable toward any services for up to two years from the application date, but are non refundable. Be sure to add email/physical address in PayPal notes when paying application fee.

For ANY hands on training, we require proof of vaccination/immunization, including for kennel cough and canine influenza. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Pay application fee here.

Pay application fee here.